Over the last month or so I have been soaking in the Book of Acts. What has really stood out to me this time in my reading of Acts is the missionary journeys of Paul. I have been looking up the maps and followed the routes as I read through the scriptures.

Wow, our God is a strategist – across communities, towns, cities and nations – God will position us and place us to decree and declare that His Kingdom come!

No matter the places we find ourselves (yes, including the very remote Kimberley of North West Australia with searing hot weather in the wet season and the adventures of crocodiles and snakes added in!) we have to be faithful to outwork what God has put in our heart and hands in that place; whether that might be for a season or seasons, a month or a year or more or less: God is the MAP-MAKER, He is showing us the routes to take.

God is stirring my heart afresh for the Kingdom harvest that we are going to see come in and how Women ECHO Collective have their part to do in this hour.

Part of the mandate of Women ECHO Him Collective is as a WOMEN’S PROPHETIC COMPANY OF HARVEST PRAYER WARRIORS: He is the Lord of the Harvest (Matthew 9:38).

As God puts a city, town or nation on my heart to particularly pray for I am going to post it up in WEHC Facebook group. I would love you to join me in praying and declaring God’s Word and God’s promises over that place.

Women ECHO Him Collective is a community of women who put the trumpet to their lips: prophetically praying and declaring God’s heartbeat over towns, cities and nations.

My humble and sincere prayer is that the Women ECHO Him Collective be a community that:

E: Encourages hearts;
C: Calls Believers to the fullness of who they are in their Christ-given destiny and authority;
H: Heralds (proclaims and declares) the messages of God over cities, nations and towns; and that
O: Opens revelatory portals in the throne room of heaven so that many can ECHO the voice of God to their generation and to the generations to come

Women ECHO Him, Collective hosts, a range of events and projects that champion Women to ECHO Him. Under the umbrella of the Women ECHO Him Collective is currently;

  1. Prophetic Writing Intensives
  2. The Deborah Business Education Hub for Christian Women Entrepreneurs
  3. The Deborah Conference for Christian Women Entrepreneurs
  4. Katunda PAOG Women’s Micro Business Projects, Jinja Uganda
  5. Barnabas Legacy Children’s Dream Foundation, Jinja, Uganda



It is time to dust off the trumpet and put it afresh to our lips.

He beckons us to pray and to pray without ceasing.