We were created for such a time as this. It is not a time to sink back, step back and go under the doona cover. It is time to rise and to rise with the Word of the Lord upon our lips, the fire of God in our belly and the two edged sword of His Word in our hands.

The weapons of our warfare are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds. We are called to rise to that place of authority in the heavenly realm that He has prepared for us. It is time to take hold of lion courage, determination and focus that says My God I will run and I will run strong with that which you are speaking to me right now.

God has download upon download to give to us, creativity, innovation, divine solutions. Get your house ready, get your personal inner house of your heart clean, sweeped up, disinfected, bleached, sanitised; take to your knees and say Lord have your way, do your work. (1 Peter 2:2)

People of God when we come out of this time of what in a physical sense is a time of enclosure and reduced boundaries we must be ready to bring in the harvest, His glory is going to fall and we have to be ready.

Ready, ready, ready. Not just a little bit ready but fully ready for the day of the Lord will be at hand.

Who will he find in the field waiting with their baskets ready to collect the sheaves from the harvest? (Psalm 126:6)

Who will He find ready to go to this city and town and nation?

Who will He find ready?

Our bodies, soul, mind and spirit must be fully tuned to the Father. It is a hour that we must get right, yes there is His grace; but there is also a clear and loud clarion call in this hour HEAR THE WORD OF THE LORD.

The beauty of the Lord will be revealed, as the waters cover the seas so the glory of the Lord shall go forth in this hour. (Habbakuk 2:14)